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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

Additional Accessories

Pipe Clamp Attachment

With the pipe clamp attachment the magnetic drill can be mounted on round objects such as pipes, columns, etc. The pipe does not need to be magnetic since the attachment is held on by tensioning the two ratchet straps provided. The magnetic drill is positioned over the top plate of the attachment then the electromagnet is applied.

Mag Base Extension

The Mag Base Extension accessory is available for every model of Powerbor® machine. This accessory is a retro-fit, it simply clamps on over the existing magnet. The purpose of this accessory is to extend the magnet base pivot point rearward, this in turn improves the magnets breakaway load. This is particularly useful if drilling with large twist drills, which tend to generate a high drill point load.

The accessory is available in three sizes:

  • Small = PB320, PB320 Combi
  • Medium = PB450, PBC700 CombiPlus, PB700/2
  • Large = PB1000E, PB1000E SB

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Available Accessories