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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

Chuck Adaptors

We have a range of various adaptors for use with Powerbor® machines and cutters.

The 3/4\" Weldon to 1/2\" x 20 UN Chuck adaptor allows a 1/2\" x 20 threaded drill chuck to be quickly placed into any 3/4\" Weldon arbor to allow the used of twist drills and plain shank cutters.

The 3/4\" Weldon to 1/4\" female hexagon allows the machine to be converted to accept any 1/4\" hex shank cutter.

The 1/2\" x 20 UN threaded Tap Chuck allows the PB320 Combi to use standard DIN taps (Square drive).

The R8 to MT3 adaptor (used with our MT3 to 3/4\" Arbor) allows Powerbor® cutters to be used in a Bridgeport type milling machine

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Chuck Adaptor Specifications