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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England


The Powerbor® PB700/2 is a workhorse that brings all the drilling capacity of the PBC700 Combi to applications that do not require the full range of professional variations.

  • Proven Eibenstock 1600W motor
  • All Powerbor® standard features are backed by a full range of replacement spares

12 months comprehensive warranty as standard

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Powerbor PB700/2 Specifications

  • Dual carrying handles for enhanced operating manoeuvrability 
  • Reversible handles for use in restrictive conditions 
  • Improved high density magnet for maximum adhesion 
  • Corrosive resistant, tangle-free cable from stand to drill unit 
  • Isolating power relay for improved handling safety 
  • Control panel situated conveniently on the same side as the traverse handles 
  • Free protective carrying case complete with safety strap, cutting fluid, safety guard and folding hex key set

Powerbor 700/2 Owners Manual

These product videos are for visual demonstration only... It is essential that the Safety Guard is used and in place for all user applications