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Powerbor Tools Made in Sheffield England

Powerbor® Annular Cutters

The Powerbor® complete cutting technology allows holes to be produced quicker and more efficiently, compared to conventional drills, and due to the cutter design, the load per tooth is greatly reduced; and the power used by the machine is kept to a minimum. This greatly increases productivity and the life expectancy of the machine.

  • <span>BluMax</span> BluMax BluMax performance finish offers: Longer tool life Improved protection against corrosion Designed for use on Magnetic drill press and core drills 3/4"... more details
  • <span>TiN Coated Annular Cutters</span> TiN Coated Annular Cutters Enhanced life and performance Keeps the edge longer than standard Cutters, especially on more difficult to machine steels 3/4" Weldon Shank... more details
  • <span>M2 HSS Revo Brite</span> M2 HSS Revo Brite Suitable for drilling General and Structural Materials Designed for use on Magnetic drill press and core drills 3/4" Weldon Shank... more details
  • <span>Premium M42 Cobalt Cutters</span> Premium M42 Cobalt Cutters Keep their cutting edge for longer than standard HSS - producing more holes between resharpening, reducing the cost per cut and increasing productivit... more details
  • <span>Tungsten Carbide Cutters</span> Tungsten Carbide Cutters Suitable for drilling harder materials such as stainless steel, castings and higher grade wear resistant steels... more details